francesca ♥ sabrina (francesca_xo) wrote,
francesca ♥ sabrina

yayy !!

yayy !! ii had funn .. kinda .. lol .. ok well me and styna drove with the fam to ft lauterdale yesterday morning when it was like too early for christyna to even keep her eyes open .. but thats ok .. so yeah we did that .. then we got to the hotel and saw this hottie wearing blue shorts and a black shirt .. lol woo hoo styna .. then we went to the spa and changed into our bathing suites becuase our room wasnt ready and we tanned and talkd to our lovers for a lil while .. then ate lunch .. we both got hot dogs .. then we saw this guy and ii was like eww ii hate it when the guy has like that hair line .. lol now hes called the hair line guy lolol .. then when we were finished it was really windy and stynas plate only had a lil bit of the hot dog left on it .. and so it blew of the table and like hit someone in the face .. lol .. ok so then we went and tanned for a lil more .. then got my sister food which took forever and came to an encounter with this guy .. hi hi hi hi hi hi hi .. hahha lmao styna !! .. then we got to room keys and went to the room and SLEPT .. ii know sleeping in the middle of the day on vacation .. so it was ilke 2;3O when we got to the room .. and we woke up at 6;OO .. then we got ready and went out to dinner .. ahhh everyone was wearing ORANGE !! lolol .. so we went to johnny rockets to eat .. and there were like 50 flys all over the place it was yucky .. lol then we uhh ate and listened to 5O`s music .. then walked around trying to find the abercrombie store .. but couldnt find it =( .. and then ii forget what else we did there but everyone was wearing orange .. then we went and drove by the beach .. then went back to the hotel and took the elevator ALL THE WAY UP to the top .. we were gunna go to this place where yu like chill and the room spins .. but we werent allowed cause we were under 21 and it waws past 7 .. so then we walked around some more and then went to the pool and found the hottiie with the blue shorts .. but he was ignoring us .. so we tried throwing shitt at him .. then taking pictures of him with the flash on .. but he still ignored us .. then we saw these girls from like alabama or some shitt .. and they were like hey yall .. how yall doin .. like yeah we are like 16 .. how old are yall .. lolol styna !! we were like why do you swim with shorts on ?! lol .. then we went to the room and chagned .. then calld our lovers again and sat down .. oh yeah we also saw a wedding and people getting married .. they were like spanish jews .. 2 for 2 .. lol .. then we went downstairs and sat down and talked to our lovers .. then ii got up and scratched my leg on the table and the cut became hard .. it was really weird .. then we wakled around some more and got like 7 hand fulls of ice .. then as we were walking back from the room there were like giant ants like 100 of them .. and ii was like spazzing and running for my life .. and then we calld our lovers again and yeah .. then it was like 12 so we went to bed .. woke up today and went to like to eat .. but they were all really long of a wait .. so we finally found a place and everyone was wearing blue .. then we went to the mall and ii got my il back pack thingy for tomorrow .. and ii saw like 32842093849432 million pieces of GREEN clothing !! lolol my green ribbon !!!!! and ii bought this really cute white tank top and really really cute orange terry cloth capris .. yeah ok then we drove her home .. and now iim home telling you about my lovely weekend !! byee xoxoxoox I LOVE SCOTT GENTHNER !!!! <3333
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