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wow im soo retarded!! i deleted my past entry.. form the 25th i think.. hmm oh well.

the pictures are on my picture site if you didnt see them

but umm this weekend sucked!! stupid effing hurricane.. and now i have to study for 3 tests im most likely going to have ALL tomorrow!!

but on friday Candii came over and we hung out for like 3 hours and took pics (those are the pic on my site) and we talked about like evrything!! but she couldn't spend the night because of this stupid hurricane.. and yeah.

then on saturday i did like nothing beacuse of the hurriacne and lost power at like 4;00.. well it flickered so my mom made me get off line.. and then we lost it at like 11;30 at night.

then on Sunday i helped clean up all the leaves and shitt from our drive way.. in which we were the only people in the neighborhood who had leaves in the drive way.. then chilled till like 3;00 then went to the grandmas house. spent the night there and talked to Norsoph on the phone.

and now im home STUDYING for my goddamn tests.. which really blowsssss!!

but im thinking of Max <33 and my awesome best friend Nik.. who told me about the best song everrrr [ Chariot by Gavin DeGraw!! ]

ok thats all.. byee xoxoxo *hugs*

<33 Francesca

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