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yesterday!! .. BOLOGNESEEEE

yesterday was a great day.. besides the fact that i had to do hw, everything else was awesome!!

first i went to linens and things with my mom nn sister and i got one of those retro cool pillows, they have like the lil styrafoam balls in it, its awesome.

then i went to get my hair cut!! omgg the guy cut off like my whole head =(!! as you've seen in the pictures prior to this entry.. lol yes.

after that i went home and straightened my hair, and it was'nt so bad. but i still think its SHORT!!!

then josefina came and picked me up and we went to the mall and had lots of funn!! woo hoo, we walked around like losers as always, and discovered cherry skittles!! also, skittle GUM!!, its awesome.. skittles flavor, but in a GUM!! hehe, then we found ROBBY!! my BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFL!! then he left, and we went ot abercrombie an got myself a cute GREEN shirt (Max, your fav color, every time i wear it i'll most deff. think of you <333). then we left, hehe

after the mall we went home to her house and chillaxed and ate and chillaxed some more.

then at like 9;00 we went to Wilts where we had an interesting time. we got there and had to wait like 30 min before we even got our drink order taken =\.. because the stupid people were stupid!!

then we went into the lil arcade place where i saw Brandon, Nick, and Braker. not the best 3 people in the world, but hey.. they're cool cats.

hahahah!! then me nn jomo were playing on that lil electronic basketball thingy where you shoot and the basket moves, so yeah. i saw a wine glass on the floor and i said jomo you want some? she turn around and like flings her arm at my arm and the glass goes flying and breaks on the machine!!! =\ .. hahahhaa lmao! funn times, but then i pushed her and she stepped on the glass (later to discover she cut her foot)

then we went back to her casa and took awesome videos and discovered i could recod sound as well!! AWESOME POSSUM!! lol hehe, then we did hw and went to sleep at like 2;00

woke up this morning and chillaxed some more, did my geometry hw, and now im home!!

<33 Francesca

Always Thinking Of You <3 Max

on the way to the mall


Mai Tai







randomness at her hous .. (down)

my hand and my ice waterrr


me (woo close up!!)

me (black and white =)




Josefina (black and white =)

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