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grr!! NO DAIRY!!

grr man!! i cant eat milk products for 3 weeks!! ahhh, poo!! i might as well not eat at all. ive been having stomach pains so the doctor said, NO MILK PRODUCTS!! (which is like EVERYTHING) =(

but, on a good note.. i wrote 2 poems today AND i saw cary at boston market today when i was getting dinner =) [ ahh hes sooooo hott ]

but im out.. t2ul

<33 Francesca


"She Is Loved And She Knows It"

she is loved and she knows it
past all the fear and pain there is happiness and love
she wants to be free and let go
let go of it all
but she cant
shes stuck inside a box
a box of pain and fear
with no one to help
shes screaming for her life
but no one will let her out
its almost all over
because she cant take it anymore
she closes her eyes
shuts the door
and thats the end
all her pain she has ever felt is gone
there is no more fear
the love she never knew
is all around her
though the love is sad with sorrow
she is loved, and she knows it
but its over


"All Happiness Is Found"

pain kept inside, never letting out
anger hovered all around
and no happiness ever found
the only way is when alone
shes goes to her world, where there is no one
no one but her, just herself
she dreams of pure white clouds
up in the sky, so high
thats the only place she wants to be
flying so high and setting herself free
nothing around her, only what she loves
being alone in a world with no one
thats when she lets all her pain out
but when not, its kept inside
if not let out, then she will die
from suffering in all this pain
but when in this world
all happiness is found

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