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do you think she wont notice me cause of my eyes? l0l

yayy!! fun weekend so far!! =)

friday isabella came over nn we chille for a couple hours.. and then we went back to her house and then michelle came over. we got ready and then went to muvico

at muvico we saw "the cookout" and that was good i guess. we didnt really have time to walk around or anything cause we left like right away, but i DID see talia =) BFFL

after muvico we went to coldstones nn got ice cream!! omgg yummmmm!! cake batter and oreos.. oh yes, i was in heaven!!

then we went back to isabellas house and went online nn talked to curtis nn patick. then took lots of pics (which you will see below) and ate popcorn

then went to sleep =)

woke up in the morning, cause michelle had to leave.. and then me nn isabella had pizza. then i went home

today i went to the wellington mall with the family.. ugh i was sooooo tired!!

but yes now im home!! yippeee!!

<33 Francesca

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