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QUACK!! hey that sounds like a duck!!

lolol, today was so much fun!! First picked up Lauren and went to Wal-Mart, but i didnt find what i needed there, so we went to DSW, and i got my mom these gorgeous shoes for her bday =)

after, we went to Fridays at the mall and met pappas and sam there, hmm it was interesting, QUACK!! " hey that sounds like a duck "- pappas, lol

then we walked around the mall and i saw anastasio. went to pac sun, lauren got a bathing suit, and then saw nick, wow it was like FOREVER!!

hmmmm yes then pappas and sam had to leave, so me and lauren chilled until 5;00 and got a yummy white chocolate caramel chiller from gloria jeans.. YUMMY!!

then her dad picked us up and we went back to her house, played on the computer and walked her dog, and just chilled, interesting stuff!!

took some pics today, so check it out =)

woo hoo!! lauren trying to do it asian style?.. lol

aww how cute!! lauren and pappas back together <33

me nn lauren, BURDINES!!

woo, close up!!

ha ha!! wow, lovin it, lovin it!!

he he =) our sexy feets!!

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