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today so far ..

woo .. today has been interesting i guess ? my mom woke me up at like freakin 7;45 =\ .. not cool .. nn yesterday david didnt call me at all =( nn he hasnt called me today .. grrr .. but there is that other special someone who does care about me nn that calls me everyday =) you know who you are nn you mean alot to me .. but yeah .. i made a new friend .. DANiELLE !! shes soo sweet .. cant wait till you come down here hunn .. its gunna be great =) .. well ima go now .. no new pics .. this hurricane is really worrying me =\ .. kk im out .. cell meeeee !! xoxo

<33 F R A N C E S C A

i d0nt kn0w anym0re <3 =\

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