francesca ♥ sabrina (francesca_xo) wrote,
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yayy !! no school !!

w0o h0o !! no sch0ol f0r 5 days !! thats awes0me !! hell yeah !! well t0day was awes0me .. freakin like 4 h0urs 0f sch0ol .. nn i talked t0 my l0ver <33 .. but he hasnt called me yett =\ .. but ehh w/e .. t0day was g0od i guess .. but im relaly w0rried ab0ut this damn hurricane .. i heard its like categ0ry 5 =\ .. ahhh !! but i l0ve y0u s0oo0o0o much ( just in case we die y0u kn0w ) ha l0l .. 0k well its n0t the best time t0 be thinking the w0rst because this huurricane shitt is driving my family crazy .. we g0t 20 things 0f ply w0od nn canned f0ods up t0 here .. s0o waaah !! l0l 0k well im 0ut . pr0b w0nt be taking pics f0r a while .. peace h0mie .. madd l0ve

<33 F R A N C E S C A

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