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ehhh .. s0o w0rried =\

ahh im s0o w0rried that i didnt make the team !! i want this m0re than anything !! ughh i messed up in try 0uts !! like i was really g0od in fr0nt 0f all my friends but when i was in fr0nt 0f all the pe0ple my s0mach went nuts-0 nn my heart beated really fast .. but w/e .. i did my m0ve nn they were like w0w .. s0o thats always g0od !!

ahh yayy !! i have a new l0ver !! .. well the same new 0ne i said 2 days ag0 .. but hes still kinda new !! ahh i h0pe he likes me .. hes a h0ttie .. w0o h0o !! english nn 5th h0ur =) yayy !! 0kay well n0w y0u kn0w that i like y0u .. s0o c0me nn get me .. l0l jkjk [ dedicated >> D.R. ]

nn where is anastasi0 ? he left after 5th h0ur yesterday nn wasnt in sch0ol t0day ?! where is my big br0ther when i need him .. grrr !! m0ral supp0rt y0u guys .. ca m0n !! but w/e .. i miss y0u A !!

wee !! dinne with talia was al0t 0f funn !! n0 inside j0kes this time but s0me pics !! i missed y0u s0o much girl !! madd l0ve t0 y0u !! >> like the s0ng says .. fr0m back in the day .. y0ull ALWAYS be my best friend !! i l0ve y0u talia nic0le gambin0 !! <33 BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFL

alright well im 0ut .. check 0ut my pics page .. added a c0uple new 0nes fr0m dinner =)

<33 F R A N C E S C A

i luv him s0o much .. y0u g0t me h0oked <33

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