September 24th, 2004

yesterday nn today

yayy!! yesterday was soo much funn, school was great cause it was only like 4 hours. then Jeannine came home with me and we chilled for like 6 hours and then my dad came and got us and we went to the Cheesecake Factory (where i COULDNT eat any cheesecake cause of my damn milk shitt) but w/e.. umm yeah that was fun we were like making fun of all the people and what not..haha yes

then we finished at like 6;30 in time to go to the game.. omgg it was awesome!! we went and like we were chillen and watchign woot we scored a tuchdown!! well 2.. then it started pouring!! ahh omgggggg we all ran to under the bleechers.. and then it slowed down so jeanning wasl ike just come on.. so i was like w/e fuck my hair!! then i got like soaking wet cause of the rain.. and we scored 2 more touch downs!! WOOT 49-0 USSS yeah baby we won!! WOOOOT

then before we left me her ariela and some girl were running around liek stupid psycho people playing in the puddles.. hah that was funn!! and then jeanniens mom came to pick us up and we were gettin our "groove" on to headsprung..HAHA!!

and today was no biggie.. first hour was gay as usual, Luis makes it the best though <33 ya Luis!!! and 3rd hour went by fast i guess.. science is retarded.. and then 5th hour was boring cuase i didnt do anything but i LOVE my Mat and my Calvin =) but Kevein wasnt here =( .. then it was lunch, it went by really slow.. then it was 7th hour!! UGHH I HATE THAT CLASS!! die mr.k dieeeeee!! i hope you die in the hurricane!!

alright well now im here.. no pics today.. but i might take some on the weekend so yeah

<33 Francesca

Maxxie i <333 youuu mwaah

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