September 17th, 2004

he makes me smile..

he makes me smile, without even trying <33

today was a good day!! as soon as i woke up i checked my email and it was from Max =) .. i love getting emails from him and just talking to him because he makes me smile, and feel happy. so that started off my day really well and i was happy almost the whole day

ehh, well school was the same ol stuff.. except for the difference that today calvin decided to pick me up and turn me upside down in gym clas =\ .. that was quite odd

but then i got home, and checked my email again, and it was from Max!! yayy, he made me smile once again =)

yupp, then i took a nap.. i havent been getting much sleep lately

but no matter how bad im feeling or how sad i am, Max always seems to make me smile no matter what =)

alright, well tonight i didnt do anythign because im really tired and out of it, but tomorrow im getting my hair cut!! as you saw in the previous entry =) yayy

<33 Francesca

You Make My Days So Much Brighter <33 .. Max


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