September 3rd, 2004

<33 feeling s0o amazing

grrr this stupid hurricane is ruining my 5 day weekend !! RAAAHH !! 0h well .. i talk to my love every day =) so thats always g0od .. but like grr i cant do anythign until this stupid shitt passes .. !! nn you know what the lil shitter went down .. so grrr

man i wish hurricanes nn tornadoes nn all that bad stuff never existed

cause if it didnt then we wouldnt have all these problems !!

ok well im out .. <33 him soo much .. xoxo

<33 F R A N C E S C A

im finally l0ved <33

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    breakaway || kelly clarks0n

ahh ca mon !!

yooo peopleee !! LEAVE ME COMMENTS !!

thats why that lil ink is there at the bottom saying .. ( Leave a Comment )!!

so do ittttttt !! its funn =) i can write back to you and everythingg =) l0l OK