August 31st, 2004

hey hey homie !!

" this is the m0ment that i live for "

t0day was s0me h0tt shizzle !! l0l .. w0o .. funn stuff .. well kinda .. l0l .. all i c0uld think ab0ut all day was * him * .. ahh 0h l0rdy hes a h0ttie .. but yeah .. in 1st h0ur it was gay .. we had a sub nn she basically gave us the answers t0 all the n0tes nn shitt .. nn then we had like an h0ur till class ended s0o i talked with alexis nn l0uis nn s0me 0ther ppl .. but yeah that was interesting

then in 3rd h0ur it was science nn i was being my g0ofy 0l self .. freakin we had t0 d0 this gay sand lab thingy nn what n0t nn i have my c0ol lil ppl in my gr0up .. chris ( n0w hes a h0ttie ) nn s0me 0ther ppl .. yeah s0o it was madd funny .. l0l .. nn then after all that at the end 0f class i was beign all hyper nn shitt nn chris was like m0ving away fr0m me pretending like he d0nt kn0w me nn yeah he pr0b thinks im s0me kinda psych0 chick .. nn then when the bell rang he ran 0ut the class .. l0l funn times funn times =)

then in 5th h0ur it was n0thign special .. we actually it kinda was . i think i actually g0t my p0ints f0r the day nn i saw calvin =) nn i played a lil basketball nn g0ofed 0ff with my h0mies .. l0l w0w .. mm hmm then i went t0 lunch !!

w0o lunch was funn funn funn .. i ate my lunch nn walked ar0und with natalie tina nn nic0le f0r a while nn then i walked with umm michelle nn we talked t0 my h0ttie .. DAViD !! ahh he is s0o h0tt .. like he w0uld alwas l0ok at me nn yeah yeah .. but he th0ught i was int0 his friend nn like his friend is int0 me .. but im int0 him .. nn hes single s0o yeah yeah .. h0ller h0ller .. w0o !! i think i f0und a l0ver <33

but umm yeah 7th h0ur was gay nn blah blah came h0me at my mac nn cheese nn n0w im here writing again =) .. nn n0w im 0ut xoxo

<33 F R A N C E S C A

i wanna be l0ved by ( Y ) ( 0 ) ( U )

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