August 30th, 2004

w0o h0o .. t0tal h0ttness !!

"the strands in your eyes .. the color them wonderful that stop me and steal my breath"

yeaah h0mie !! t0day was awes0me !! funn shizzle .. l0l w0w ill never say any 0f that ever again .. except f0r the hey h0mie cause y0u kn0w h0w i d0 .. ha w0w .. 0k anyways .. theres this really h0tt s0phm0re guy named david in my lunch h0ur nn me nn my friends sit like right by him nn w/e nn like hes a t0tal h0ttie nn hes always l0okin at me nn yeah yeah yeah y0u kn0w .. nn yeah well hes h0tt nn sh0uld i say s0mething t0 him 2mrw ? cause like i was gunna say s0methign t0 him t0day but i didnt cause im retarded like that .. but umm yeah .. i think im gunna cause im c0ol like that .. w0o h0o ..

well yeah umm anyways .. bef0re all that in fucking 5th h0ur the damn lady takes my damn cellular away !! GRRR bi0tch !! but ehh w/e .. im gunna get it 2mrw i think .. s0o w/e .. hmm lets see

0h yeah nn then like english was 0kay .. n0t really cause like i dunn0 w/e .. the class is c0ol th0ugh cause the ppl in there are madd chill .. but eh w/e ..

blah blah blah i keep saying the same thing .. but w0o h0o .. im d0ne .. n0 new pics t0day .. sry guys .. tearness .. 0k im 0ut

<33 F R A N C E S C A

davids a fuccen h0ttie <33 .. bang bang .. l0l jk

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