August 29th, 2004

w0w im retarded ..

its freaking 6 in the m0rning nn i just w0ke up because my retarded self went t0 bed at like 8 yesterday .. 0k well since im s0o retarded im gunna try t0 g0 back t0 sleep .. byee

hey h0mie .. c0olness t0day ?

heyy heyy .. maj0r c0olness t0day .. i g0t a new ph0ne .. well its the same 0ne just a new 0ne nn i have the same number s0o 0kay .. yeah well i g0t that .. nn then i went t0 DSW nn g0t 2 pairs 0f sandals =) .. they are very prettyfull .. nn then after that i went t0 h0me dep0t .. n0t c0ol .. it was all h0tt nn gr0ss 0utside nn we were there f0rever !! grr .. but then we went t0 uhh arbys nn g0t f0od .. yumm very c0ol .. then i went t0 0ffice max t0 get myself a retr0 c0ol planner f0r sch0ol .. ha l0l w0w im retarded .. but yeah .. then i came h0me nn ate my arbys nn n0w im sitting here writing f0r y0u guys nn myself =) ..

yeah well i miss all my h0mies that i havent seen in like a milli0n years .. but y0u guys better n0t f0rget h0w much i l0ve y0u <33

<33 F R A N C E S C A

i wanna be l0ved </33

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