August 28th, 2004

ha ha .. just kidding =)

l0l .. just kidding .. i didnt g0 t0 muvic0 last night .. i went t0 shad0w0od .. but that was l0ts 0f funn =) i went with kelly nn i saw like EVERY0NE !!!!!!! ahhhh yes that was very nice .. br0ught back mem0ries 0f the g0od 0l days =) ya ya !!

we were gunna see princess diaries but we saw anac0nda because we felt " t0o 0ld " when we went int0 it .. s0o yeah .. we saw that 0ther m0vie .. it was g0od i guess .. really like RAAH 0mg y0ur gunna die kinda shitt .. l0l but yeah .. g0 see it .. 0k umm sure ayways

yeah nn then we saw anastasi0 zack nn 2 kids tat we just met that night .. mm hmm .. nn we chilled nn went t0 b0rders nn they were like d0in s0me shitt in the bathr0om .. hmm ? l0l n0 jk but then we were ab0ut t0 leave nn 0ne 0f anastasi0;s friends f0und a b0ok 0n weed s0 we sat d0wn nn it was " st0ry time " =) .. yes thats always funn .. reading st0rys with 0ur h0tt seni0r friends !! .. l0l

0k then we left nn came back t0 my h0use nn chilled nn watched 13 nn then fell asleep .. nn t0day we might g0 t0 the mall =) YAYAYA !! alright well im 0ut .. byee

<|33 F R A N C E S C A

i g0t a crush 0n y0u my baby <33

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    n0ne ..

yayy !! t0day was funn ..

w0o h0o .. t0day was s0me funn stuff !! me nn kelly w0ke up nn watched thirteen .. again .. nn yeah .. then we went to the mall nn saw hott hott guys nn yeah .. had funn .. w0o h0o i saw the guy that i saw last night taht i met like a m0nth ag0 nn th0ught was 12 but is really like 18 .. l0l w0o .. hes a H0TTiE .. bang bang .. l0l kelly .. yeah well the mall was funn .. we went t0 burdines nn abercr0mbie nn sh0pped nn sh0pped =) nn yeah that was basically my day .. i just g0t h0me like 10 min ag0 s0 yeah .. im 0ut .. HAPPY BDAY KYLE !!

<|33 F R A N C E S C A

i just wanna be l0ved <33

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