August 27th, 2004

kinda bumbed .. but im finally g0ing 0ut !!

ughh .. i didnt make the dance team .. im kinda bumbed but w/e .. life g0es 0n .. maybe ill make it next year .. i d0nt kn0w .. all i kn0w is that im g0ing back t0 jewels nn im finally g0ing t0 muvic0 0n a fridya night !! i havent been there 0n a friday in like 7 weeks .. s0o this will be funn =) .. yayy me nn kelly !! w0o h0o !! l0ve ya kell .. y0ur such a great friend .. xoxo .. im 0ut ..

<33 F R A N C E S C A

crushin s0o hard <|33 d.r

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