August 24th, 2004

damnn .. t0day was madd insane

w0o .. t0day was insane .. first 0ff me nn anastasi0 were just playin ar0und nn then he said s0mmin nn i g0t mad at him nn hit him in the head nn then slapped him .. he g0t pissed !! but he f0rgave me .. s0o its all g0od =)

then in 6th h0ur r0bby kept taking my sh0es nn mr tayl0r kept making funn 0f me nn the way i read =( .. tear tear .. then alex was making funn 0f my F's cause i make them backwards .. uh huh .. but y0u know what its all g0od clean funn =)

nn then after sch0ol i went t0 dance try 0uts nn we learned the dance nn practiced it .. ahh i was sweating like crazy .. i was neer that h0tt in my life !! w0o .. but i g0t the dance d0wn s0o its all g0od =D weeee

n0w ima g0 .. t0ok s0me new pics t0day s0o check that 0ut

<|33 francesca

i l0ve s0me0ne new =)  .. <33


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