August 23rd, 2004

w0o !! funnn funn yett b0ring nn stressful day !!

ahhh !! anastasioooooo !!! i l0ve y0u s000ooo much !! ahh y0ur like a big br0ther figure t0 me .. y0ur the best !! .. even th0ugh i just met y0u like 2 weeks ag0 0r w/e y0ur s0o str8 nn funny .. everday in gym we always have the best talks nn w/e nn the best times .. nn in lunch its funn t0o .. aww y0ur such a sweetheart !! i cant wait t0 get t0 kn0w y0u better !! y0ur such a great friend ..

but 0kay en0ugh ab0ut him .. i g0t my new camera nn br0ught it t0 sch0ol !! w0o funn stuff .. yeaaahhh !! i l0ve it its s0o pmperish .. uh huh nn i t0ok pics in gym which is madd c0ol cause i have the best pe0ple in that class ..

then i went t0 the dance meeting nn 0mg !! there were like a milli0n gajilli0n pe0ple like at least 50 .. ahh i dunn0 what im gunna d0 !! but i want t0 make this team m0re than everrr !!!

ahh 0kay well yeah i kinda g0t int0 a fight with ezi0 but w/e .. im w0rking things 0ut .. ima g0 n0w .. picture time =D !! w0o h0o

<|33 francesca
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