August 22nd, 2004

yayy !! im s0o much better !!

ahh yess !! im al0t better !! i th0ught i had strept thr0at but i d0nt !! yayy !! i think im gunna be able t0 d0 my best at try 0uts this week !! ahh im s0o excited !! w0o h0o !! nn im getting a new digital camera !! yayayaaa !!! 0h yeah ANDDDD i get t0 see nicki putter !! ahh yesss !! its been s0o l0ng !! ahh i L0VE my life !! im s0o happy !! ive never been this happy bef0re .. nn y0u kn0w what .. im n0t gunna let any0ne rain 0n my parade !! n0t even the real rain .. l0l .. im 0ut .. call if y0u need mee =) x0o te am0 mi am0re
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    undisc0vered || ashlee simps0n