August 21st, 2004

grrr .. i hAte tHis !!

grrr !! i have being sick .. it sucks s0o much !! i cant d0 anything !! grr .. nn if i d0nt get better by at least tuesday im gunna be s0o pissed cause i have try 0uts f0r the sch0ol dance team nn ahh !! im s0 nerv0us .. but 0mg i was l0oking at pics 0f me fr0m when i was a lil girl up till n0w nn i was the fattest kid when i was like 10-12 .. ahh i was such an ugly fatty !! i hated it .. grrrraaaaa !! but im n0t like that anym0re s0 its all g0od .. alright im 0ut .. byee x0 cia0 mi am0re =)
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    break away || kelly clarks0n