August 19th, 2004

ahh c0nfused !! but happy =)

hey hey .. im s0o c0nfused .. there is this 0ne guy that i like that ive known since like the beg 0f 8th grade but we st0pped talking f0r a while but n0w we talk again nn its all g0od .. nn theres this 0ther guy that i met in sch0ol this year but he likes s0me 0ther girl .. nn then there is this guy that i met in sch0ol this year as well that likes me nn i kinda gave him the impressi0n that i like him t0o .. but i wanna be with the guy that ive kn0wn since like last year but i dunn0 is he wants t0 be with me .. s0o if y0u read this nn y0u wanna kn0w wh0 all these guys are nn gimme s0me advice then IM me .. t2ul byee .. x0o
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    the best 0f me || the starting line