August 18th, 2004

awww i l0ve high sch0ol !!

yayy !! high sch0ol is s0o much funn !! nn my birthday has still been the best day ever even th0ugh it was like 5 days ag0 .. but thats 0kay .. nn HAPPY BiRTHDAY ZACK !! iM S0O S0RRY i F0RG0T .. but n0w i remembered =) .. hmm 0kay well yeah i just l0ve my life right n0w !! OHHS dance team try 0uts are 0n m0nday !! yayyy im s0o excited f0r that !! cant wait .. !! its been like a million years since ive danced last =) .. okay well im 0ut .. gunna g0 call n0rs0ph since he just g0t h0me =D .. xoxo
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    predictable ; g0od charl0tte