August 12th, 2004

sCh0ol mAkes my LiFe .. s0o mUch fuNn !!

ahh i l0ve sch0ol !! its s0o much funn !! i L0VE 5th h0ur .. madd h0tties in that class !! w0o .. gunna be a great year .. but umm yeah .. t0day wasnt really interesting except f0r the fact that we went t0 7th h0ur like 30 min bef0re sch0ol was 0ver .. but y0u kn0w thats ALL g0od =) .. l0l yeah .. well n0t much else .. except f0r the fact that i l0ve my bus t0o =D .. fine ass h0tties 0n that 0ne .. w0o !! 0kay well im 0ut .. if y0u need me hitt the cell .. MY M0THER FUCKiNG BiRTHDAY iS T0M0RR0W BiTCHES !! W0O0O H0O0O !! YEAH NUKKA .. 14 YEARS NN G0iNG STR0NG !! <33
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