August 11th, 2004

damnnn !! w0o baby ..

h0ly shitt !! w0o .. high sch0ol is like fine ass guy heaven .. its like 0h l0rdy !! waaaahhh !! i l0ve it .. my classes are gay th0ugh .. but in a way 0kay i guess .. w0o i cant wait t0 g0 back t0m0rr0w !! damn .. this year is gunna be great .. l0ng , but great !! 0kay well yeah f0r all my friends wh0 d0nt g0 t0 my sch0ol i h0pe y0urs is as g0od as mine nn all my friends that d0 OHHS li0ns pride nukka !! class 0f 2008 !! w0o !!
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    la la || ashlee simps0n