August 8th, 2004

aHh !! i fuCkinG haTe tHe sUmmeRr !! gRrr !!

ughh i fucking hate the summer !! im s0o glad there is 0nly like 3 days left .. thank g0d .. i cant wait till high sch0ol !! its gunna be s0o much funn !! 0h yeah .. nn 0nly 5 m0re days till my birthday which is pimp t0o =) yayy !! excited !! ughh i just want the summer t0 end .. this gay m0ther fuckign piece 0f shitt !! ahh !! im gunna spazz .. ( if i already havent ) .. 0kay well im just gunna g0 be b0red .. if y0u wanna chill d0nt hessitate t0 call !!!!!
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    belive -- yellOwcard

hmm lets see ..

t0day was gay .. did n0thing !! 0nce again nn like always i was b0red s0 i slept .. i wanna d0 s0mething t0night nn t0m0rr0w but i dunn0 wtf im gunna d0 .. im 0ut f0r n0w .. if y0u wanna chill call the cell !!
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    bettr 0ff | | ashlee simp0n

FinaLLy s0metHinG t0 d0 t0night !!

yayy !! im g0ing t0 isabellas h0use after i eat dinner nn spending the night !! .. yayy cant wait !! l0l member at the mall with the manicans !! that was s0o funny .. =) .. 0kay well yeah thats what im d0in t0night .. i dunn0 when ill be h0me t0m0rr0w but yeah .. just gimme a call 0n the new cellular nn ill be sure t0 answer !! t2ul xoxo .. cia0 l0ve
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