August 7th, 2004

my week was gay

tuesday i went to wellington with my dad nn then got in a huge fight with my mom later on in the day so she sent me to my dads house which is in lake worth on wednesday morning until friday .. then fridya me nn her went out for dinner nn talked .. nn then today i went to get my eye brows done then went to my dance studio nn i thought i was gunna try out for company but try outs had already started .. nn yeah .. so im just like w/e fucc it .. and then i forgot what else i did but now im home being bored .. wanna chill ?!!? call the cellular =)
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    la la ; ashlee simpson

been thinking al0t .. i duNn0 why th0ugh

i guess ive just been thinking al0t lately because ive been s0o b0red nn with all the drama with my m0m .. i guessi mjust getting caught up in my 0wn little w0rld .. but yay !! 0nly 3 m0re days until sch0ol starts !! i cant wait .. nn 0nly 5 m0re days till my birthday =) ` g0in t0 the cheesecake fant0ry with tatiana r0bby talia brie nn the family .. its gunna be s0o yummy nn s0o much funn =) 0okay well t0m0rr0w im g0ing t0 the mall with r0bby i think because were c0ol like that .. well ima g0 n0w .. n0t much else t0 say .. x0o -- frankiie <|3
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