August 1st, 2004

hmm lets see ..

0n friday m0rning i w0ke up at 4 freakin 30 in the m0rning because my flight fr0m the bahamas was at 7;15 .. 0h l0rdy !! it was s0o early .. s0o then we left the h0tel nn we g0t a taxi nn it was s0o dark since its like 5 in the m0rning .. s0o as we are driving .. the guys lights g0 0ff nn me nn my c0usin are freaking 0ut .. nn then 2 min later they g0 0ff again .. nn 2 min later they g0 0ff again .. i pers0nally th0ught we were gunna like die 0r get kidnapper =\ .. but we didnt =) .. we made it t0 the air p0rt .. it t0ok us like 20 min t0 get 0ur tickets nn g0 thr0ugh security .. nn then another 30 min to go through imagration nn coustoms nn then they had to check out luggage .. nn then we went through security AGAIN .. nn then we waited for about 30 min for our plane nn then walked to the gate nn they checked our bags AGAIN .. goodness gracious it took FOREVER .. ok yeah then i got home atl ike 9 in the morning nn yeah i did nothin all day .. well my dad came and picked me up nn we went to the mall to buy me new shoes which took me an hour .. nn then yeah thats it .. and yesterday was funn =) i went to the mall with styna DARIUS !! nick linda sam nn stephanie .. nn yeah that was alot of funn .. frisbies nn balloons =) .. then we went to the movies nn saw a cinderella story .. then went home .. and thats MY DAY !! .. but i have no clue what im doing today .. i think im getting a new cell phone !! yayyyy !! =)

t0day !!

heyy t0day was funn !! yayyy .. ok so first me nn the famila went to the clock for breakfast but it took like an hour juss to get our food .. it was rediclious .. nn then we went to the cingular store nn got myself a new phone =) !! yayyyyyayaya .. i finally have my pimp motorola v400 phone =) woo hoo .. ok yeah well that took about an hour .. nn then after that we went to publix so my sister could get her hair cut nn so we could get food .. nn then we went to circut city nn looked at tvs nn phone accessories nn PC monitors .. nn then after that my mom dropped me nn my sis at mc donalds while she nn her bf went to best buy .. nn then we left nn we picked up styna from her house !! =) nn then came back to my house nn played with my phone nn chilled .. then she left nn i ate dinner nn now im juss chillen =) so yeah that was my day .. x0o frankiie <|33