July 30th, 2004

h0me sweet h0me

yayy !! im finally h0me !! bahamas was alright .. everythign was s0o sl0w the day we flew in .. 0y vay it was h0rrible .. but yeah .. i g0t my hair d0ne nn yeah .. n0w im h0me .. which im s0o happy t0 be !! ii missed all 0f my friends nn my h0use nn my parents !!!! but n0w im finally h0me nn its j0m0s birthday s0o HAPPY BiRTHDAY J0SiE M0M0 !! =) yeah well n0w im n0t d0in much .. i wanna g0 t0 wellingt0n t0 buy cl0thes but its s0o far !! but w/e .. thats it .. 0h yeah nn KC left f0r 0lrand0 t0day =( tear tear .. MiSSiN Y0U LiKE CRAZY HUNNiE !! COME BACK NOWW !! but yeah 0k im really d0ne .. byeeeee