June 5th, 2004

todaysz the day !! yayyyy

yayy !! no more waiting !! today is the day !! yaa yaaa !! iim soo excited to be up there dancing in front of all my friends =) nn my wonderful family !! wee hoo !! ii loviie all you guys who care enough about me to see me dance for 2 min .. lol .. yeah but then after all this funn is over it gets boring .. iim stuck in a car with my family for 3 hours to go to freakin orlando AGAIN .. oy vay .. what a day this is going to be .. but ii promise ill be back on wednesday !! lol thank god .. since my cellular wont work .. call nn leave a message nn ill be chaecking them every so often ok .. so if yu need me juss call .. xoxo ii love you nn gunna miss yu all like crazy !!!