May 29th, 2004

this is real ..

what do yu do when there is nothing left ? all the time hasz runn out and you cant go back .. wishing you would have dne so many things you never got to .. wishing you never did things that you did .. what do you do ? all the moments of laughter and inside jokes are all in the past .. all the things that you thought you could experience again is all over .. this was a time that can never be replaced .. what do you do ? you wish you coulda told that one guy you liked him .. but you didnt .. everything you wish you coulda done these past 3 years you will never be able to do .. this time is gone and there is nothing left .. the pictures and the memories is all you have .. and now iim beginning to realize that this is .. REAL ..

scott !! ii loviie you !!

hayy hayy !! omgg ii cried this mornign when ii read this very toching email from delaney =( .. yeah and scott doesnt like me becuase ii cry so much .. now iim gunna go cry scott ok .. yu hurt my feelings .. lol .. jk !! we love each other !! .. and we think my mom is a "bitch" .. well only sometimes .. lol .. lol SCOTTIE !! lol aww yur soo cute .. "dont call me cute .. call me and ugly bastard .. bitch" .. lol ii loviie you !! your sooo cute .. yu make my world go round !! yayy !! lol .. yeah well ii cant wait to chill with yu as soon as ii get back .. booty call !! lol .. yeah and your empty house .. lol ;) ... woooo ok well ii love you soooooo much !! xooxoxoxoxoxoxo mwaaaaaaah !!