May 28th, 2004

omg itsz all over =(

wow .. this is like unreal .. it really doesnt feel like the end of the year =( .. but now its all just a memory .. iim never going to see half of the people ii grew up with these past 3 years for the rest of my life =( .. ii dunno about yu .. but iim really sad .. to know that just breaks my heart .. but class of 2004 we were the best everr !! we made it through al the drama .. tragic events .. deaths .. but also all the happiness and laughter and good times .. all of the things that have happened within the past 3 years were amazing things that ii will never forget .. in the words of yellowcard: "we`ll be miles apart .. ill keep you deep inside .. your always in my heart .. a new life to start .. i may be leaving .. but youll always be in my heart" .. now asz thats said and done .. never forget what youve done .. the people youve met .. and how precious life is .. because yu only have one life to live .. so live it with no regrets and live it to the fullest and NEVER FORGET !!!!!!! CLASS OF 2OO4 WAS THE SHITTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIOTCH !!!