May 27th, 2004

omggg 1 day !!!

omgg only one day of school left then iim never going back everagain !! this is crazy .. but omgg today was insane !! first hour was sooo chill in art !! scott jenn matt james stephanie aris n sharon .. woooo we are the art crew .. lol yeah well we always have alot of funn doing w/e we do .. but then 3rdh our was boring .. ii had to take my algebra final =\ .. but then ii signed some year books !! so its all good .. then ii went to 5th hour and took ANOTHER final .. but now iim done so yeah .. anyways ii was signing yearbooks .. taking pitures .. and jc around !! woo delaney is soo str8 !!! love yu delaney !! then we went to lunch nn it was weird cause we had late lunch .. then me and putter were like walking around all over the school for like a half n hour until delaney came back to get us .. ahh it was soo crazy .. matan and will got in a fight .. peopel were screaming an shitt .. and it was outta controll .. what a great wat to end the year !! lol .. yeah well then we went back and took more pics .. then ii went to 6th hour .. and we watched 2 movies .. then thats it .. came home .. and now iim herre .. but kyle jsut stopped by =( .. ewwness .. yeah ok well iim out now .. byeeee xoxooxox

what do yu do ..

what do yu do when yu have 7 different emotions going through your mind .. ii met soo many people that are all one of a kind .. iim soo extremely excited that its now finally summer .. but also kinda weepy .. itsz all over .. but it feels like it just begun .. iim gunna miss everyone .. from my teachers to my friends .. the memories will never end .. iim also excited for my recital .. but also really sad .. its the last day iim goign to see nicki .. and ii know its too bad .. but things will never be the same again without yu here by my side .. yuve been true throughout our friendship and never once lied .. iim also going to be bored because iim driving to orlando for 3 hoursz then staying there for a week .. the thoughts going on in my head are words that ii wont ever be able to speak .. iim also very happy because iim going on my class trip .. june first is gunna be the shitt .. holding on to that day forever with the tightest grip .. my life is a big poem .. just like yuve read here .. class of 2004 was the awesome .. yu guysz made it my very best year !!