May 26th, 2004

2 daysz =\

holy shitt !! only 2 daysz left of school !! .. this is fuccen insane .. iim never going back everr again !! ahh iim sooo happy .. but iim sooo sad =( .. nicki .. iim like never gunna see yue ver again !! yur leaving in 17 days !! ughhhh this is such a tragety =( .. bu summer is here and thats off the chain !! ii cant wait till next tuesday because were going to islands of adventure !! yayyy !!! omgg its gunna be sooo much funn !! ahh and ii love scott genthner !! wooo ok well ii g2g .. ciao ...

andrew michael pappas !!

andrew sweetiie !! yur my best friend in the whole wide world !! ii dont know what ii would do without yu .. ii just feel sooo incretibly bad for yu .. itsz ok though .. yu guys will either get back to gether or yull move on and find someone new .. and ii know yu dont wanna move on and find someone new .. but w/e yu end up doing .. iim always gunna be here for yu no matter what .. ever since ii met yu we have been through sooo much together !! iive watched yu go through like 3 or 4 relationships and no one has made yu happier than lauren had .. she was the greatest person yu had ever met .. and she really is .. she is one of my best friends and she ii feel so blessed to have her in my life .. but hunniie ii promise you that yu will make it through everything and ii will be right here by yur side .. ii love you with all my life !! dont ever forget that .. and ii know everything is going to be ok .. xoxo .. you mean so much to me .. and iim always gunna be here .. BEST FRIENDS TILL THE LORD STRIKES ME DEAD !!!!