May 23rd, 2004

sunday !!!

happy birthday nicole beatrice putter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ii love youuu !! best friends for life !!!!!!!

todays plan ii think ?

hello there !! -- iim n0t sure what iim d0ing t0day .. but emily june c0pp0la might c0me 0ver and we are pr0bably gunna just chill ar0und and study like g0od little girls .. if n0t then iim just gunna stay h0me wih n0thing t0 d0 .. but thats 0kay .. anywaysz .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIC0LE BEATRICE PUTTER !! ii l0ve y0u soooo much !!! ii h0pe y0ur having a great day !! BFFL !! iim 0ut -- cia0

just got home ..

ii went 0ut t0 get NiC0LE BEATRiCE PUTTER ballo0ns f0r her birthday which happens t0 be t0day !! ii l0ve y0u s0o much hunniie !! best friends f0r life !! but ii d0nt kn0w what iim g0ing t0 d0 with0ut y0u when y0u m0ve =( ughhh thats all ii can think ab0ut !! but happy birthday !! ahh iim s0o excited t0 give y0u y0ur present t0m0rr0w !! yayy !! y0ur gunna l0ve me f0rever .. n0t like y0u already d0nt .. but y0ur gunna l0ve me m0re =) l0l .. aryt .. iim 0ut !! <333 xoxo