May 22nd, 2004


heyy heyy .. its saturday and ii just got back from the movies .. it was alot of funn .. ii went with viktor, lauren and pappas .. 3 of the best people in the world .. ii luv yu all soo much .. but umm yeah .. iim really tired so iim gunna go take a nap .. ill be back later .. byee xoxo

=( ... so many ppl are leaving

nicki -- omgg iim going to miss you sooo much when you move to NY .. its been a great year with you .. 5th hour wouldnt be the same without you .. you have brought me many times of happiness and luaghter and many memories. you have been true throughout our whole friendship .. ii dont know how iim going to live without you .. ii know we are still going to talk and stuff .. but knowing your not jut a few imles away kills me .. your going to be morel ike hundres of miles away .. ii really wish you the best though and happy birthday hunniie !! its tomorrow !!! <33 xoxo bffl

scott -- your moving to west palm beach !! ughhh how can you do that ?! iive known you since 7th grade in mr. egans class .. remember back in the day when ii use to like you soo much .. lol yeaaa .. well those were the good days .. and even now in bergers class .. its great having you around .. your soo funny and hott and iim just gunna miss you sooo much .. but there are only 5 days of school left and ii probably wont see you ever again .. ii dont know what iim going to do without you .. you have been a great friend to me .. and ii just hope we remain friends after this .. and ii also had alot of funn at the dance .. ii was just there booty dancing to he music next to stephanie and beatrice and you were behind me .. then ii feel you getting closer and closer to the point where you are right on me and puttin your arms around me .. that was nice .. well yeah .. ill nver forget that night .. youu mean soo much to me and ill nver forget you either !! <333333 luv yaa !! xoxoxox

viktor -- your going away to sweeden for 6 weeks =( .. iim gunna miss you sooo much .. ii really wish you werent going .. but ii hope we keep in touch while your gone and then chill when you get back .. and even though iim goign to high school next year .. ii promie we will always be friends .. your an amazing person and you have made me sooo happy .. xoxo have lots of funn in sweeden !! <33

andrew -- omgg your moving to houston !! iive known you since ii wasz like 5 or 6 but then you moved when we were like 7 .. ii remember back in the day .. those were the good days .. lol even though you might not remember much .. ii know ii will .. ii still have the ancient coains from other countries that you gave me .. or ii might have take =\ .. lol but anyways .. iim really gunna miss you alot .. your such a great friend .. but ii promise iim going to visit you since my uncle lives in houston too !! and iim going there soon to visit .. soo we will keep in touch and hopefully see each other .. ii wish you the best and hope that you will never forget me everr .. friends for life ! xoxox