May 21st, 2004

friday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yayyy !!! itsz friday and iim at my bestest frends house !! tatiana rua !! ii love her sooo much !! she is the best !! iim also talking to my luv .. viktor .. wooo ii luv him so much !! he is the best !! ahhh iim soo happy !! viktor sweetiie yu make me soo happy !! ive been the happiest ive ever been all year .. and ii hope the happiness will continue !! .. ok well ii g2g now .. today was awesome and tonight will be 10 times better .. at least ii hope .. well actually thing werent that great today .. cause this morning fuccen nathalie simmonds cuts in front of me and grabs the pen outta camilas hand and signs up for bus 5 when ii was waiting there for like 10 min .. and now ii dont have a bus to go no .. ughhhhh !!!! ok well w/e iim out .. xoxo ciao mi amore .. (fallen for yu <//3 viktor !!)

friday night !!!!!! ahhhhhh yayyyyyyyyyy

omgg !!!!!!!!!!! woooooooo tonight was soooo much fun !! first ii went home with tatiana and we chilld at her house an tried on like all her clothes which was like 11 different thing .. lol tati .. and then we went to the dance .. ahhh ii had the best time !! at first it was a lil like boring and shitt .. but then ii got into it and ii was getting my booty on with scott ;-) .. then with bee and steph .. and then as the night went on ii slow danced with jamil .. then alejandro for some reason .. lolol .. anyways .. it was the best everr and ii would love to do it all over again .. but with viktor there =) <333 yu hunn !!!!! ahhh okay well ii love you all sooo much !! since 6th grade has been awesome and ii will never forget anyof you ii met then and the people ii met alogn the way .. class of 2OO4 will live on in my life foreverr !!!! memoriesz till the end !!!!!