May 19th, 2004

WEDNESDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yayyy !! today was such a good day !! ii loved it !! yayyyy iim soooooooooo happy !! ok so ii went to school and had my fun it was actually not a bad day .. not much work and ii saw all my exified friends !! yayyy ii love you all sooooo much !! but yes ok then ii came home from school and got ready for this distinguished scholars dinner thingy .. and it took me like an hour to get dressed .. literally .. my mom was pissed .. lol .. but yeah .. alot of the people that were there .. ii didnt actually thin were smart .. but yu know ii was htere so its all good .. lol kidding .. and omgg ii saw the sexiest guy alive !! ahhhh ii want him .. his name is victor .. victor d .. wooooo hes fuccen sexxyy and ii want him !!!!!!!! yaa he was lookin at me and yeah yeah .. lolol .. but he has a gf =( .. thats no fair .. but anyways .. it was funn .. ii had a good time .. =) .. ok well iim out .. (victor ii want yu !!!!!) xoxox ciao mi amore