May 16th, 2004

good morning !!

yayy !! itsz the morning !! iim soo happy today !! ii dont know why !! maybeits becuase nothign has been going wrong for a long time !! weeeeeeeee !!! well today might be a boring day .. but then again it might not .. ii cnast either stay hoem and be bored all day and do hw .. or ii can beg my mom to tkae me out and go shopping =D !!! weeeee shopping is soooo much funn !! ii love clothes !!! they are sooo prettyy !! lol .. ok well ii mout .. gotta shower then do the hair .. then beg .. lol ciao mi amore <333 xoxo

ughh !! guysz lie !!

guysz lie sooooo much !! yu have no idea !! they say one thing .. and then in the action they do another .. and then when its all over they say somethign totally differnt !! ughhhhh iim sick of all this bullshit !! ii need someone who will love me for me .. NOT for what ill do .. and if yu dont like it .. than too bad .. this is me and iim no changing for no one ... ughhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!