May 15th, 2004

omgg !!

omgg this is such a tragety !! soo many peopel are moving !!!!!!!!! =( ughhhh ... nicki putter is movign to NY in 26 days =( .. andrew manks is in houston right now looking at houses becuase he is moving there in the summer =( .. and my brother is moving to an apartment .. but its still in the state so that isnt much to worry about !! ughhhh all my friends are leaving mee !! andrew iim gunna miss yu sooo much !! ill always remember back in the day when ii use to go over yur house and play .. evne if yu dont .. ii will =) lol we were like 6 years old .. and nicki ill always remember al lthe funn we have when we are together and thanks for giving me that jacket and that shirt !! ughh ii love you sooo much !!!!!! iim gunna cry like a beast when yu leave =( omggggg yu have nooooo idea !!! and anthoyn ii just hope yu arent having a hard time leaving yur house .. but ill always love you forever brother !! xoxox .. sadness this summer =( ughhhhh thousands of tears