May 14th, 2004

thusday and friday =)

heyy heyy !! good funn days !! thursday ii went to dance then my daddy picked me up and ii got droped off at incki putters (ii love her sooo much) when ii got to her house val was there and we waited about an hour for her mom to get hoem so she could take us to wendys .. then we got there and we had to wait like 20 min just to get our food .. and since it took soo long her mom didnt believe us it was such a long line ? ok so yeah we got a shitt load of food .. then we went to blockbuster and rented honey and love dont cost a thing .. then we went back to her house and ate like beasts and watched honey .. then watched love dont cost a thing and went to sleep .. woke up the next day and raded through all her clothes =) and she let me borrow her JUICY COUTURE pants !! ahh they are soooo comfy but they are like 150 $$ damn damn .. and she gave me the cutest jacket and a cute element shirt =) love yu nicki !!!! then my mom came for me at 12 and ii went to the mall and met andrew and he stalked me then ii stalked him .. lol then ii met LAUREN !!!!!!! ahhh ii love herrr !! then ii met kyle !! hes so cute .. and wej ust walekd around for liek 6 hours and chilld .. went to fridays and andrew had like 4 sodas .. lol .. then he took me home .. ii got hom took a nap and woke up at 7;49 then went to wings plus and saw hott guys from loggers =) wooooo sexxxxyyy ... and now iim home .. oh yeah and ii just spent an hour tryign to fix my internet .. then fucced up my moms computer .. lol go mee .. but now its all fixed =D