May 11th, 2004

uhhhhh =\

ummm ok .. today was a NORMAL day .. iim really glad my life is back to normal .. espicially because IM back to normal .. =) thingsz are going really well now .. my life is back on track ii guess .. and ii dunno .. there isnt much left to say .. except that iim goin g to dance practice in about 2 hoursz .. soo ii cant wait for that .. itsz been a few daysz .. god ii love dancing soo much !! itsz my life .. without it ii dunno where ii would be right now .. ii would probably be an ugly fatty .. lol ok ciao mi amore <33

not so normal after all ..

god until just now ii really thought my life wasz back to normal .. but then ii had to say somethign to b.s. and tell her how sad ii was and how she changed since w/e .. then ii cried and she still didnt care .. god b.s. yu really dont know how much ii care about yu .. out of almost all yur best friends ive known yu the longest and iim the one least closest to yu .. now ii dont even know if yu are my best friend anymore .. god itsz been 5 great long wonderful funny yearsz .. and ii feel like its been 1 year in hell lately .. because for the past year thingsz havent been the same .. and ii know they never will sine yu have everyone else but me .. there is only one me .. and a person like me doesnt come around very often .. just realize that ive shed tears for yu .. ii would do anything for yu .. yur like a sister to me .. well ii use to think that until now .. and yu know how yu said to talk to yu a different day .. well maybe on "a different day" ii might not care anymore and maybe on "a differnt day" ii wont wanna talk .. just think about it -- dedicated to [( B.M.S )] yu have NO idea how much ii care and how sad ii get .. yu really DONT know