May 9th, 2004

good morning =)

heyy heyy .. itsz soo early .. but my alarm clock went off and woke me up so w/e .. anyways .. not much to say since itsz the morning but ill write more later today .. lets just say ii had a great night yesterday <33 love yu michael and stephanie ; BFFL

mt delaney !!

mr delaney .. iim praying for yu .. ii really hope nothing isz wrong with yur brain and ii pary to god that yu will be fine .. god bless yu .. yu`ll be alright .. yur in my prayersz

itsz mothersz day !?

itsz mothers day .. yipee =\ .. not very exciting .. but w/e .. me and isabella are friendsz again =) yayy !! iim so glad hunn .. stay sweet n truee xoxo .. oh yeah and ii didnt do much today all ii did was watch tv alot and now iim going to ichiban for dinner .. not too interesting .. oh yeah and the cousin came over .. so ii guess ii had fun ? thatsz it for today .. iim out .. laterr

ughhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dot yu hate it when yu like someone and they lead yu on to lyking them and they always tell yu they love yu .. but then again they are saying it to like 3 other people too .. like yeah they like yu but they also like other people .. and yuve liked them for soooo long .. but each time yu like them .. there is always someone else ? ok well thats how ii feel now .. ii really like this guy but he likes my friend and some other girl ii dont know .. =\ .. ughh isnt life just a bitch .. but iim not sure if my friend likes him or not .. its like yeah ii want the best for him .. so iim not gunan do somethign stupid like say bad shit to her about him .. because iim not like that .. ii just really wanna knoww hats going on becuase iim really confused and ii hate being confused .. iim also sad .. ii wanna cry .. sometimesz ii really wish ii could just close my eyesz .. fall asleep .. and NEVER wake up =( .. ok well babyy if yur reading this just know how much ii love yu (yu know who yu are) ughhh heart broken </3 ..