May 8th, 2004

wonderful day [kinda]

today was a good day =) .. well almost .. this morning ii went to lloyds photography studio to take picturesz for my dance recital .. and they came out really bad .. so im glad ii didnt buy them .. then i picked up stephanie and we went to wal-mart becuase my mom had to get some stuff .. yeah and ii was still in my costume from taking the picturesz so ii wasz walking around wal-mart wearing a black leotard with army pantsz .. lol and yeah .. so we were in wal-mart eating .. well ii wasz becuase ii was hungry .. so anywaysz after wal-mart we went to my house so we could do our stupid history project .. wow we are so stupid lol .. then around 6;45 ish my bestest estest buddy michael norsoph came over .. wooo ii love him so much !! so yeah he helped us with the project alot .. thanks much babe .. but around 8;OO ish my bf broke up with me =( .. but w/e thatsz life and ii have to move on .. so anywaysz .. we ate dinner and then just chilled for a lil bit .. now itsz 9;47 and they left like 5 min ago .. so thisz wasz a funn day .. but stephanie bumped her elbow ii mean knee on the door .. lol .. (insiderr) .. wooo ok well ii love yu 2 soo much !! im glad yu came over mike !! havent seen yu in 32843298409238 million yearsz .. alright iim out .. byeee <333 xoxo