May 7th, 2004

first entry !!

heyy guysz .. today wasz a generally good day .. because nothing went wrong .. it was probably better than the rest of the days .. im still a lil sick but im almost all the way better !! =) weeee im excited !! 8 more daysz kaitlin and benny .. and 28 more days till my recital !! ahhhh im even more excited for that !! but then iim going to orlando for a week =( bye bye baby =( not gunna see yu all summer =( god thats sooooo depressing .. he told me that last night and ii was ready to cry .. but holy camoly !! nicki putter is movin back to NY on june 10th =( .. thats sooo soon !! only 15 more days of seeing yur face .. maybe a lil more .. but prob not .. its very depressing to let my bf and my best friend go =( .. but nicki if i visit yu im deffinately visiting my bf !! ahhhhhh ok .. well im getting too into my lil fantasy dream .. cause thats not happening .. but anyways .. iim out .. ciao babe .. xoxo [ baby i luv yuuu !!! ]

bad night =(

ughh !! bad night .. i wish i never woulda went to the moviesz .. the movie van helsing sucked .. there were like 7 sluts there getting fingered by guys and yeah .. but it was kinda good because i saw all my hotties that i havent seen in foreverr .. but ehhh w/e .. still only 8 more days !! well almost 7 .. and 28 more days till my recital !! yayyy !! i take picutres tomorrow !! im soo excited !! yeszzz !! ahhh i cant wait !! (baby im gunna miss yu soooo much over the summer =( . but yull always be in my heart <33)