francesca ♥ sabrina (francesca_xo) wrote,
francesca ♥ sabrina

w0w ..

w0w its been like a year since ive written in this thing .. i guess i juss f0rg0t but umm yeah im leaving f0r the bahamas t0m0rr0w !! yayy !! but ill be h0me 0n friday .. i didnt d0 anything this week .. except f0r friday night which was s0o funn !! styna came 0ver at like 4;30 nn we r0de bikes to nicks h0use nn then we chilled with him nn k0nn0r f0r a lil while then went t0 the p0ol nn chilled with pe0ple there till like 5 then went back to my h0use nn watched thirteen .. nn then g0t ready f0r the m0vies nn went to shad0w0od at like 6 because her dad had t0 c0me early .. nn s0 we went t0 best buy f0r a lil nn then mc d0nalds nn ate nn then met up with jeese nn luke nn then later met up with like every0ne else .. nick k0nn0r nick p danyl val nn yeah just every0ne .. then chilled nn had s0o much funn i like g0t raped but thats 0kay .. but yeah then i came h0me nn blah blah blah .. then 0n sat i painted my room nn rode bikes nn killed my f00t =( .. nn then t0day my f00t g0t better nn i finished my r0om !! yayy .. nn n0w im 0ff t0 my c0usins h0use f0r the night then 0ff the the BAHAMAS !! byee l0ve y0uuu !! <333 x0ox
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