francesca ♥ sabrina (francesca_xo) wrote,
francesca ♥ sabrina

yayaya !! today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haahah lmao !! karen nn shelby i love you sooo much !! you guys are so much funn to be with .. so okay i picked them up from karens house nn then we went to fridays .. yeah yeah so we were there nn got our drinks nn blah blah .. so then karen takes a lil piece of the straw nn flicks it at shelby nn it bounces of her head nn into her drink .. nn she didnt notice till like an hour later .. so then she finally finds out nn she is spending like 10 min tryign to get it out .. lol .. as we were waiting for our food we were watchign the news or w.e on the TVs nn i was like .. "look shelby its your bf" lolol good times .. then we saw this man doing like an irish step dance in a thong in the middle of a bseball field .. hmm interesting .. then we got our food nn i asked for mayo cause im cool like that .. nn when i get it i pick up my sephora bag nn the plate the mayo was on nn the mayo falls to the floor =( .. the guys sitting in front of us were like cracking on me nn what not .. so then i got more nn ate in peace ... it was yummy .. then we walked around for a while nn met yanko at burdines nn we chilled nn shitt ... nn me nn shelby saw like 10 of her bfs nn then when yanko left me nn karen were standing by journeys nn these guys that are like 17 come up to us nn we toldthem we were 13 nn they were like oh you fooled us .. bye .. so we were just like okay .. nn then so yanok ran away with karens phone nn when he gave it back to her he dropped it nn it broke into like 10 piieces =( .. then karen nn shelby had to leave so i met up with andrew pappas !!! nn kyle .. funn stuff !! andrew ii love you soooooo much !! BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFL !!!!! xoxox .. ok that was my day byeeeeeeeeeeee .. oh yeah n tomorrow ROBBY is coming over !!! yayayayyayayayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
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