francesca ♥ sabrina (francesca_xo) wrote,
francesca ♥ sabrina

woo hoo

yesterday i didnt do much .. just stayed home all day nn watched thirteen again nn then at like 7 i went to mc donalds nn ate food .. then andrew nn blake met me there .. we walked over to shadowood nn saw saved .. it was ok .. then we took the rapist way out (the back of the theatre) .. nn blake found a walgreens shopping cart .. nn me nn andrew found a broken chair which looked like it had been fucked .. so then we are retarded .. instead of takign the short cut to walgreens we walked ALL THE WAY around .. lol yes .. then we went there nn i forgot what i was looking at but yeah .. i was talking to andrew nn all of a sudden i feel this gel like substance on my chest .. blake sprayed shaving cream all over my cami !! ahh !! then me nn andrew got kicked out .. nn blake just walked out .. ahhh i smelt like shaving cream !!!! grrr =( .. ok so then andrew took me home nn yeah .. then my mamma wasnt home so i had lawrence nn syan stop by !! woo hoo .. they didnt stay long but thats ok .. yeah ok thats it .. nn now today im doing nothing then going out to dinenr with my faja at 6 .. what fun .. bye
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