francesca ♥ sabrina (francesca_xo) wrote,
francesca ♥ sabrina

nn the funn continues ..

yayaayy !! today was soo much funn !! my daddy picked me up at 2 nn ii went to pick up talia nn then we went to the olive garden for lunch .. yummy .. ii want chicken alfredo .. but they dont have it .. what are yu talking about ? they do have it .. its right here .. oh lol .. lolol talia !! ii love you !! then after that my daddy dropped us at the mall nn we met ryan there .. then we waited for darius to get there .. so ii sat on the floor infront ofthe moving billboard .. but then talia nn ryan walked away becuase ii was embarrasing them .. so ii got up .. then ryan went to sit on the trash can nn as he got off it kinda fell over but he caught it but it made a loud noise .. nn everyoen was starring .. nn we kinda got in trouble by the security gaurd .. lol .. woops .. then we saw corey !!! yayayyayayaaa !! he SHAVED his head BALD !! ahhh !! but its ok .. he still looks sexy .. then darius nn danny came !! then we all went nn walked around nn we ran into yanko karen viki nn norsoph nn other people .. nn yanko had shitt with danny so danby calld his bro nn all this shitt happened nn we were in champs trying to find corey a 2 dollar shirt .. lol .. woooo .. then we kept walkign around nn yeah just funn sutff .. we got kicked outta sharper image .. nn we ate the make up at sephora .. like really ate it .. lol .. then we went to bose, but karen nn viki had to leave .. nn darius got in trouble .. then corey nn danny "left" .. then we went to bloomingdales nn got 130 dollar perfume for talias mom .. then went to sweets from heaven nn the 2 lil piggys ran there on the dark brown tiles .. lol wow .. then yeah we were beign stupid in there .. nn then we left .. funnn funn day !! woooo hoooooo !!!!! ii love you all sooooooooooooooooooo much !! <33
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