francesca ♥ sabrina (francesca_xo) wrote,
francesca ♥ sabrina

yesz !! best weekend of the summer !!

yayyayayayay !! ii saw talia nn darius !! yayayya wooo hoo !! nn all my other sexxy omni friends !! nn ii made new friends !! haaay hayy !! ii know ii know iim so cool now .. lol jk .. but yeah .. on saturday ii went to talias at like 5 ish nn then we took about an hour nn a half to get dressed nn shitt .. which is FOREVERRRR !! lol .. then we got to muvico at like 7;15 nn got tickets for the chronicles of riddick .. it was good ii guess .. didnt understand it really .. uh huh .. but fuccen dalton nn yanko were makin so much noise so they got kicked out along with darius this otehr kid nn 2 girls .. hmm interesting .. then at the end of the movie me talia nn darius were walking around nn we ran into RYAN !! yayyy !! hes so cute .. so yeah then we were bored nn had like 40 min left so we went into every theatre on our side nn EVERY SINGLE ONE was full .. except for van helsing but it was the smallest theatre .. nn it was gay .. but w/e .. we went in there nn chilled .. nn played with each others phones .. how queer .. but yeah .. then we left nn walked out the back door .. nn we were P I M P ing it .. woo hoo .. then we dropped darius home nn then me nn talia went to her house nn slept .. got up this morning .. nn darius came over .. we chilled with him at talias till like 4;30 nn then went to his house for a BBQ .. woo hoo funn stuff !! we ate nn chilled nn watched PETER PAN !! .. hmm interesting .. then we got SEX ED from his moms friends .. nn then went back into his room nn chilled til my mamma came .. then she came nn it wasl ike 8;30 .. nn we were gunna leave .. but then they talked aabout children nn raising kids for like another 30 min .. and in the mean time it was all good clean funn !! wooo the red nn balck football that comes apart .. hmmmm .. giant dildo .. lol .. condom .. nn a dick .. lolol talia ... oooxooo .. xxxoxxx .. lol darius nn talia !! ii love you both so incretibly fucking much !!! BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFL!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh !! ciao mi amoreee <33333
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